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It has been brought to my attention that the normal Epilogue to my hockey romances is missing from The Aubrey Rules. I’m working with the publisher to get it corrected and updated. But what if you are saying, “But Aven! I need to know what happened with Captain Smart Ass and Aubrey RIGHT NOW!” Well, I’ve got you covered. Here you go-the epilogue to The Aubrey Rules. 🙂




Kailua-Kona, Hawaii

The Aubrey Rules With Beckett: I’m madly in love with my boyfriend. He’s going to be my fiancé. Then my husband. And I adore him. Just like he adores me.

**Note From Beckett** And you’ll always call him Captain Smart Ass.

**Note (Mine)** Yes, I’ll call him Captain Smart Ass. Unless we’re in the bedroom. Then it’s Captain Sexy Ass. J

**Note From Captain Smart Ass** Stop it.

**Note (Mine)** You’re so cute when you blush. I love you.

**Note From Captain Smart Ass** I love you more.


I’m holding Beckett’s hand as we walk along the beach at the Four Seasons Hualalai resort. It’s our second night in Hawaii, and Beckett said he wanted to take a walk at sunset before dinner. The evening is absolutely gorgeous, and the sun is setting into a stunning pinkish-orange sky behind the ocean.

“You’re so beautiful tonight,” Beckett says as we walk, bringing my hand to his lips and kissing it gently. “I love your dress. Very sexy.”

I beam in response. I’m wearing a triangle-top maxi dress in a stunning lilac with splashes of turquoise, yellow, and pink in the pattern, one that is perfect for a romantic dinner on this lush island.

“Hawaii agrees with me,” I say, smiling. Then I wrinkle my nose. “Well, the sea air makes my hair crazy curly, but other than that, I love it here. First, this resort—amazing. And you spoiled me with all those spa treatments this morning. My skin has never looked better! But what’s not to love about the island glow scrub? My skin feels like velvet. And it still smells like honey.”

I stop talking as we come upon a table set for two by the ocean, complete with lit torches surrounding it and draped in white linen. The table has a lantern candle and purple exotic flowers and it is utterly romantic.

“Someone is having a dinner on the beach,” I say, smiling up at Beckett. “How romantic is that?”

“So you think it’s romantic?” he asks, glancing down at me.

The ocean breeze blows up, and a lock of his chocolate brown hair sweeps down onto his forehead. I reach up and brush it back into place as I always do.

“What girl wouldn’t?” I say, laughing.

“I’m glad to hear that. Because it’s for you.”

Excitement fills me. “Really?”

Beckett nods. We’re greeted by our personal server for the evening and led to a small white sofa where we are given champagne.

“We’ll watch the sun set first, then we’ll have dinner under the stars,” Beckett explains as we sit down.

“Beckett, I can’t believe this,” I say happily. “Dinner on the beach. Under the stars. In Hawaii.”

Beckett slides his hand underneath my hair, to the back of my neck, and I shiver happily in response. “You know this is our six-month anniversary. We should have a sexy, romantic night in honor of that.”

Love fills every inch of me. Beckett has proven himself over and over again to be quite the romantic, and I love that quality in him.

The last six months have been the best of my life. I truly feel with Beckett, my heart has let go of the structured rules that I thought I needed. Well, I still keep a rule book, but it’s for both of us, for fun, and we write rules in it together.

But the days of me needing rules to manage my heart? They ended the day I met Beckett in that elevator. I’m free to be me and allow my life to go where it should.

After leaving ChicagoConnect, I took a job with Beckett’s agent. I work on social media accounts for professional hockey players, bringing the non-sports perspective to the table. My clients, in addition to my boyfriend, include Pierre from the Buffaloes and Matt Rhinelander from the Dallas Demons. I’m happy and fulfilled, and I can’t wait to get to work each day for my clients.

Beckett has changed, too. He’s more laid back in front of the camera. Not relaxed, mind you, but he’s made tremendous strides. And he’s truly embraced the man he is, on and off the ice, and has a new confidence in himself.

And he’s confident in his life with me.

The Buffaloes didn’t make the playoffs, but with a trade being completed for a young upstart player from the Houston team, Beckett feels it’s a move toward breaking through that barrier next season.

But now it’s time for rest. Beckett’s hips gave him some problems by April, so he’s focusing on rest, Pilates, and yoga as non-surgical alternatives.

And nothing says relaxation like a resort in Hawaii.

“Come here,” Beckett says, drawing me into the nook of his arm.

I happily snuggle against his white linen shirt, inhaling his sexy cologne mixing with the sea air. Utter bliss.

“Cheers to us,” he says, tapping his champagne glass against mine.

“Cheers,” I say, taking a sip of the delicious bubbly.

We’re quiet for a moment, content to watch the waves roll onto the shore and the sun dip a little lower in the sky.

“I love you,” Beckett says softly.

“I love you, too,” I say, turning and gazing up at him. “More than you could ever know.”

Beckett takes my champagne flute from me and puts it aside. Then he glances at our server, who comes over with a notebook in his hand. Wait. I realize that’s our notebook, the one we keep together.

“Beckett?” I say, wrinkling my brow. “Why does our server have our notebook?”

“Mr. Riley,” the server says, handing it to him, along with a pen.

“Thank you,” Beckett says seriously.

After the server walks away, I turn back to Beckett. “What are you up to?” I ask, curious.

“Aubrey,” Beckett says, setting the notebook and pen next to him and taking both my hands in his, “You don’t believe in romantic rules anymore. I fell in love with you. I asked you to move in with me after only a month but it was the best thing I ever did. I love you. I love how you love me for who I am. You make me laugh. You make me happy. You support me. You’re a part of me.”

My heart starts racing as Becket retrieves a velvet box out of his pocket and drops down on one knee in front of me.

Beckett is going to propose to me!

He reaches for my hand, and I see a blush coloring his cheeks. Beckett gazes up at me with nothing but love in his large brown eyes, and my eyes fill with tears.

“Aubrey Paige, we’re young. We’ve only known each other six months. Most people would say this is crazy. But with you, crazy is what I want. Will you marry me?”      Then Beckett pops open the box to reveal a huge cushion-cut diamond surrounded by bead-set diamonds in a platinum band.

I gasp, staring at the gorgeous ring. “Yes!”

“Yes?” Beckett asks, grinning at me.

“Yes!” I scream, cupping his face in my hands. “Yes, I will marry you!”

Beckett stands and picks me up, swinging me around in the sand. We’re both laughing, and I didn’t think it was possible for one moment to have so much joy until right now.

“I love you,” I say, kissing his full lips. “I love you, every single part of you, and I’ll love you forever.”

“I’ll love you forever,” Beckett murmurs back against my lips.

He puts me down and we share a kiss, one full of promise and love and representing our new journey as an engaged couple.

Beckett breaks the kiss and is about to slip the ring onto my finger when he stops.

“Wait, we have to make this official,” Beckett declares.

“What?” I say, laughing. “I said yes.”

“Hold on.”

Beckett retrieves our notebook and flips to the page he is seeking.

“Okay, to confirm,” he says, handing me the notebook.

I glance down and see, in his neat handwriting:

Aubrey Paige, will you Marry Me?

Check Yes

Check No

**Note from Beckett** If you check no, you’ll break my heart.

**Note #2 from Beckett** If it makes you say yes, I consulted with the chef on the menu. Fries will be served.

My eyes are swimming with tears. Beckett is so fun, so cute, so in love with me and I’m the luckiest girl in the world. Forever.

“Happy tears, right?” Beckett asks.

“100 percent happy tears,” I say, my voice breaking. “Now where’s that pen?”

Beckett hands me the pen and I check yes. Then I toss the notebook on the ground, making both of us laugh, and Beckett slides the ring on my finger. It’s perfect.

Just like the man I love.

Beckett wraps his arms around me, easing my mouth open in a loving kiss.

And as I kiss the love of my life, I know when it comes to love, there are no rules.

Except the ones you make.

With the person you love.



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  1. Now “The Aubrey Rules” is complete! Yes I was one of them wondering where the end of the book was! Great book with a great ending…the Aven Ellis way. Thank you!

    1. Right? Everyone was like WHERE IS THE EPILOGUE? 🙂 Thank you for reading my words, Lydia! xo

  2. Love your books! I went on a marathon reading session yesterday on my Kindle and finished 4 books and have 2 more to go and want to read more! Officially.addicted.

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