Fairytale Beginnings by Holly Martin

Fairy Tale Beginnings

As you all might already know, Holly is one of my absolute dearest friends. My writing twin. And I’m so excited to talk about her latest work today here on my blog. Fairytale Beginnings is a gorgeous book, one I couldn’t put down, and I utterly fell under its magical spell. So without further delay, here’s my review:


For every woman who has fallen under the magic of a Disney spell, believing in true love and majestic castles and finding your prince with a happily ever after ending, then Fairytale Beginnings is going to be one of your favorite reads of 2015.

Holly Martin has once again provided readers with a gorgeous, sparkly-filled and unique journey to finding true love, told in only the way Ms. Martin can. InFairytale Beginnings, we meet Milly, a sweet, intelligent young woman who works for Castle Heritage, a historic preservation trust that will help restore properties it deems worthy of restoration. Milly is her own woman-down to the sparkly Converse shoes she wears and the pink tips of her blonde hair. She views the world through rose-colored glasses, and her positivity energy and happy spirit leap right off the page.

Milly’s destiny is forever changed when she’s called to evaluate a castle owned by Cameron, a best-selling author who has inherited the falling down castle and is none too thrilled about it.  Cameron doesn’t have the money to fix all that is wrong and if Castle Heritage doesn’t take it on as a restoration project, he’ll have to sell it, as a messy-and expensive-divorce has taken a lot of his money.

When Cameron and Milly meet, the attraction is instant. Signs start appearing that Milly landing there might be more than an assignment but rather by fate. But with Milly there in a professional capacity, and Cameron done with serious relationships, the path to true love is complicated. And this road becomes more difficult when you throw in some ghosts of the castle, some hilarious town residents, some dangerous situations and misunderstandings.

The chemistry between Cameron and Milly is beautifully written, and I wanted them to be together since their spark-filled introduction on the grounds of the castle. I fell in love as Milly did, appreciating her view of the romance and castle through her rose-colored glasses. Cameron is everything you want in a leading man-strong, determined, and of course, sexy as hell.  And a lush romance with the backdrop of a castle? You’ll want the fairytale to never end.

Now, when I write up books, I have to cast the characters:

Justice Joslin as Cameron:

Justic Joslin

And Julianne Hough is Milly:

Julianne Hough

And you can get your copy of Fairytale Beginnings here:


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