Release Day

This is my 17th published novel. I still can’t believe it!

Yesterday was the five-year anniversary of the publication of my first novel, Connectivity. Today marks the publication of my 17th book with The Bottom Line.

I’ve been publishing books now for five years.

And release day never changes.

I am one.freaking.mess.

Don’t believe me? Ask my assistant, Alexandra, or my writing Twin, my Twinnie, Holly Martin.

Why a mess, you ask? Why is this not a day of celebration? 

Well, it is a day of celebration. It’s very exciting to see a project develop from an idea in my head to coming alive on paper, to working with it with beta readers and critique partners, to editors and proofreaders, to make sure it’s the best book possible.

Which brings me to the-in true Aven heroine fashion-the GAH part.

I’m always a wreck on release day because I want the people who buy this book to have the journey they have come to expect from an Aven Ellis novel.

I hope that when my readers open the book on release day, they fall in love with the heroine and the hero. That they have all the feelings as the characters fall in love. That they laugh out loud when some odd or embarrassing situation befalls the heroine. That readers love (or even hate!) the surrounding cast of the story. I want readers to have the OH NO moment but know, within a chapter or so, everything will be happily ever after.

Am I predictable? Yes, but I own that. I love the way my books have a pattern, it’s the couples and the journies that make each story different.

Which is where the M&M pounding, checking the Amazon ranking, anxiety-inducing self-inflicted drama comes from.

Because I want you to have the best experience, the escape, that you expect from one of my books. 

After Holly and Alexandra walk me off the ledge, assure me that I have indeed delivered this with the released book (they can say that they both read my books as I write them), then I let it go. Well, not the M&M eating and anxiety, but I come to accept the fact the book is out, and to let my readers have the experience of their choice. 

Then it’s on to the next novel. Another release day.

Someone pass the M&M’s. 

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