Sunday, April 14, 2024

Miami Sports Series

Miami Hoops

The time I picked up an NBA superstar while looking like a swamp thing in a hair salon…

And if you know me, this is one hundred percent on-brand for Becca Montgomery.

You see, I’m starting a new job on Monday at a sports TV network, and I was treating myself to a way too expensive cut at one of Miami’s chicest hair salons in preparation when he walked in.

By he, I mean, a tall, inked, European, and breathtakingly hot NBA superstar named Antoni Nowak.

And Antoni happens to be interested in me—despite seeing me in that awful salon lighting, with wet hair, and draped in a smock.

Me. I refuse to believe him at first. I’m not a model. I babble. I’m neurotic. The cherry on my unusual sundae is I’m a hypochondriac, too.

Antoni isn’t deterred. Rather, he’s even more intrigued when I fly my weird flag at full staff.

But when I go viral
due to a most humiliating situation, I wonder how long it will be until Antoni realizes this is who I truly am and the novelty of dating me wears off. I’ve already fallen for this basketball star, for the man he is outside of dribbling a ball. And the idea of him dumping me breaks my heart.

Add in a coworker who feels I’m not just unworthy of a man like Antoni, but also an embarrassment to the network, and I suddenly find myself not only questioning my relationship, but my career, too.

If this were a game of basketball, I’m about to make a pressured shot from the three-point line to win the game. Will it be an air ball? Or will I find confidence in myself to sink the winning shot and keep not only Antoni but my job by the final buzzer?

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